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Roots to Words teaches you the fastest way to learn about Root Words

Roots are a real key to understanding the meaning of new words you come across in your reading.

Enjoy this list, together with the discovery of new words and the secret code behind much of the English language.

Many words are made up of a root or base word

For example,
the root word port means to carry or to bear.
Attach the prefix ex, meaning out or out of, and you have the word export, to carry out.
Attach the prefix im, meaning in or into and you have import, to carry in. Attach the prefix trans, meaning across, and you have transport, meaning to carry across.
Now let’s attach the suffix able, meaning able to be, and you have importable, exportable, and transportable.

By learning the common roots and prefixes (and a few suffixes) you will be able to discern the meaning of many new words almost immediately.

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