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In light of the growing presence of touch screens in the lives of children and teens, and the ever-expanding number of available apps, parents need quality guides and references to help them make informed educational content choices.

Created for parents and teachers, EduLulu is the first public evaluation service for educational apps available in Canada for iOS and Android.

EduLulu, the Canadian reference for educational apps in French and English for 2 to 17 year olds!

Our experts

EduLulu’s evaluations are the work of teams of independent experts, including teachers, parents, ergonomists, designers, and Web developers. Together, they evaluate, grade, and comment new educational apps.

Calculating the Edululu rating

Each of the apps is evaluated considering the following criteria, with the indicated weighting:

25% Educational content

25% Teaching approach

12,5% Security and privacy

12,5% Technology

12,5% Design and ergonomics

12,5% Language quality

Note :
For apps that must be purchased, 10% of the rating is a measure of the app’s perceived value. The relative weight of Security and privacy, Technology, Design and ergonomics, and Language quality is reduced, for each, to 10% of the global mark.

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All of EduLulu’s evaluations, with optional category or criteria filters.

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Themed groupings, to help you discover the apps that suit your needs, your tastes, and the seasons!

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Our favorite apps, categories notwithstanding.

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EduLulu, the guide to educational apps

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